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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

$135.00 CAD

Personal Coaching & Private Group Training

Personal training at Kanama HP is a new experience from anything found at other big box gyms, cross training facilities, etc. Training takes place in a private facility so distractions and waiting times for equipment are non existent. Sessions can be scheduled based on your availability, and last 75 minutes start to finish. 

The focus of training is based on three foundational principles used in all training methods at Kanama HP:

1) Correcting movement & mobility limitations. Weightlifting requires a great amount of flexibility and mobility, and the coaches of Kanama HP specialize in increasing the working range of movements, particularly in the hipslower back, and shoulders. By moving correctly and through full ranges a safe and effective training environment is achieved. 

2) Progression based on level of client. We do not use a "one size fits all" approach to training, nor will clients ever do a movement or exercise that has significant risk (such as box jumps for achilles injury). The number one priority we have with training is safety and being healthier when you leave the gym than when you walk in the door. 

3) Improving body composition by using a training style that incorporates the whole body working as one. This leads to lower body fat levels and increased lean muscle mass. 

Pricing and Scheduling

1 on 1 - $135
2/3 on 1 - $75/person

Scheduling can be arranged on an extremely flexible basis and is available outside of the standard hours of the facility. Please email or call Hani at 416-854-3843 to set up a visit to the gym or book a session.