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Masters Training Camp at Kanama High Performance

Masters Training Camp at Kanama High Performance

$325.00 CAD



November 26 -3-6pm

November 27 10-11:30 and 1-5

November 28 10-11:30 and 1-5


Come join us for three days of training with Team Canada Coach Hani Kanama.   


This camp is designed specifically for master lifters.    Masters need to focus on speed and mobility.  The objective of this camp is to teach you how to get under the bar with confidence.

You can also expect a solid review of the basic lifting movements, what accessory exercises are essential, and specific advice tailored to your needs to improve your lifts. 


All master lifters are welcome.  

Prepare to have an amazing experience!


The proceeds from this event will allow Hani and Shania (71kg) to attend World Seniors in Uzbekistan. Support Canadian Weightlifting