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Training Philosophy

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Our Training Philosophy


Solid Foundation, Proper Technique, Strength Training The beginning programs focus on perfect technique. The strength work will follow. This point is essential to prevent injuries from occurring, especially in young athletes as well as older athletes who may already have pre-existing conditions. Coach Kanama does not allow even the slightest variation from perfect technique. His program also has graduation requirements, to know when the athlete is ready for advancement. Some students develop faster than others, and these graduation requirements are a great standard to go by.  Students can expect to train 1.5 hours 3 - 5 times a week. Coach Kanama will develop a training program tailored to your sport or goals.

At Toronto Weightlifting the main focus is Olympic weightlifting. Training at Toronto Weightlifting is designed to increase athletic performance. It makes athletes jump higher, run faster, throw farther, hit harder and be more explosive. In short, Toronto Weightlifting is perfect for any sport and for any athlete, male or female, adult or youth and the impact it has on their performance is amazing. The Toronto Weightlifting system advances fat loss, flexibility, full body muscle development and mental focus.

What you'll gain:

Explosive Power Olympic weight training methods taught will give you explosive power naturally. Instruction combines proper training techniques that develop the body's fast twitch muscles necessary to exert strong bursts of energy. The body is challenged to use more muscles than typical weight training routines. Increased physical and mental strength come naturally through the weightlifting techniques and exercises trained at Toronto Weightlifting.

Muscle Tone The Olympic weightlifting techniques promote fat loss and full body muscle development naturally. Members are taught weightlifting methods that stimulate muscles other training programs do not. The body is continuously challenged to use more of its resources. The net result is an increase in proportionate muscular growth and decreased body fat percentage derived from a true full body workout.

Flexibility Range of motion and flexibility are key to elevating the level of play in any sport. The Toronto Weightlifting training technique includes a proper warm up, cool down, pre and post workout stretching routine. Some stretches are more effective than others at different stages of training. You will be show ideal stretching methods and the appropriate time to perform them.


"Kanama HP is a training facility that is outstanding for two types of people: those who want to excel at the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and those who want to improve themselves by achieving their personal goals in fitness and life.   The experience can be described in one word, transforming.

As a family we joined KHP three years ago, and my sons were more sports fans than athletes.  They were growing quickly and had a lack of control and co-ordination.  We started coming to the gym as a family on the weekends (a 20 minute drive from downtown Toronto) and making the trip by subway on their own during the week.  Each week brought new improvements in their strength, focus and attitude.  Under Coach Hani’s watchful eye and expertise they became competent, confident lifters.  They now see themselves as capable people, who welcome challenges and new situations.  This perspective is invaluable and will serve them well in any future endeavor.

As a healthcare professional, I have a physically demanding job.  I did not realize the demands of the job were affecting my health.  I would go home after a long day very fatigued with neck and shoulder pain that would persist over several days and sometimes impair neck mobility.  I had always considered myself healthy, but I had not focused on strength and flexibility.  Now I have an integrated approach to fitness that includes all these aspects because Olympic weightlifting is a whole body/whole fitness workout.  I feel better than I ever have and am grateful for this every day.

A little better every day.  Some people may find the idea of joining an Olympic training facility like Kanama HP intimidating.  There are platforms, bars and weights-that’s it.  You either have a story or a result is on the wall.  In fact, it is the most supportive fitness space I have been in.  Everyone is working toward their own best and encouraging you to do the same.  Hani and Rich give expert and specific instructions, they are very generous and genuine in their commitment to you as a lifter.  The success is yours to achieve."


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