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Training and Services

Welcome to the Training and Services offered at Kanama High Performance! Please contact us via or call 416-854-3843 for more information or to book a session. 

Table of Contents:

1. Personal Training / Private Group Training
2. Weightlifting Class
3. Private Weightlifting Coaching 
4. Bodybuilding Leg Plateau Breaker Training 
5. Mobilization / Flexibility Training
6. Power Clean Clinic for Athletes 
7. Sweat, Stretch, Strength - Small Group Training for Women



1. Personal Training & Private Group Training

Personal training at Kanama HP is a new experience from anything found at other big box gyms, cross training facilities, etc. Training takes place in a private facility so distractions and waiting times for equipment are non existent. Sessions can be scheduled based on your availability, and last 75 minutes start to finish. 

1 on 1 as well as private group training sessions are available, please see below for rates.

The focus of training is based on three foundational principles used in all training methods at Kanama HP:

1) Correcting movement & mobility limitations. Weightlifting requires a great amount of flexibility and mobility, and the coaches of Kanama HP specialize in increasing the working range of movements, particularly in the hips, lower back, and shoulders. By moving correctly and through full ranges a safe and effective training environment is achieved. 

2) Progression based on level of client. We do not use a "one size fits all" approach to training, nor will clients ever do a movement or exercise that has significant risk (such as box jumps for achilles injury). The number one priority we have with training is safety and being healthier when you leave the gym than when you walk in the door. 

3) Improving body composition by using a training style that incorporates the whole body working as one. This leads to lower body fat levels and increased lean muscle mass. 

Pricing and Scheduling

1 on 1 - $105
2 on 1 - $75/person
3 on 1 - $60/person
4/5 on 1 - $50/person

Scheduling can be arranged on an extremely flexible basis and is available outside of the standard hours of the facility. Please email or call Hani at 416-854-3843 to set up a visit to the gym or book a session. 



2. Private Weightlifting Coaching

Learn from scratch, or improve your Olympic weightlifting skills with private weightlifting coaching from the 4x Best Ontario Weightlifting Club.

The focus of each session is built around the needs of the client and their skill level.The goal of our weightlifting coaching is to produce a safe and effective technique for the movements of Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squats, and relevant accessory movements.

Special attention is given to clients who have mobility limitations in areas such as lower back, shoulders, and the joints of the lower body. Time will be spent to correct this limitations and turn them into strengths to ensure safe lifting and reduced risk of injury outside of the gym. 

Pricing and Scheduling

Sessions can be booked individually or in a package of 10 at a discounted rate.Sessions last 75 minutes from warm up to conclusion. 

1 on 1 - $95
2 on 1 - $70/person
3 on 1 - $60/person

Scheduling is flexible based on the needs of the client, and sessions are available outside of the regular hours of operation of the gym. 




3. Leg Plateu Breaker Training for Bodybuilding

Is your lower body holding back your physique? Learn techniques from Hani Kanama on how to massively improve your lower body mass and symmetry. 

There are 3 steps in this training:

1. Address mobility limitations to improve ROM substantially 

2. Learn professional level technique to get the most out of foundational movements 

3. Learn accessory movements to target lagging smaller muscle groups. 

The technique and style of training you will learn from Hani will leave you with less nagging pain in the shoulders, hips, knees, and lower back - along with a whole new way to grow your legs. 

For pricing and more information please call Hani Kanama at 416-854-3843




4. Mobility Session

This private session is meant for clients who wish to improve areas of poor flexibility to those of a professional weightlifter!

There is no resistance training involved, simply learning where problem areas are and how to fix them! Each session improves your working range of motion through a combination of manual stretching by the trainer, guided self-stretching, and use of special mobility tools.

Mobility sessions are great for anyone looking to solve problems with mobility for their training, improving quality of life from trouble areas of tightness, or reduce risk of injury during activity. 

Pricing and Scheduling

$30 for 30 minute session

Scheduling is flexible and based on the availability of the client.




5. Power Clean Clinic for Athletes

Learn from Coach Rich Davidson, former CIS Offensive Lineman and current National level Weightlifter (2015 Ontario Champion) how to integrate effective power cleans into your training. 

The Power Clean Clinic from Kanama HP will teach athletes how to properly execute Olympic-style Squats, Pulling Mechanics for Cleans, and Power Cleans.

The emphasis is on learning the technique used by National level Weightlifters so the carry over to the Athlete's sport is as high as possible, while having the lowest risk for injury while training.  

Layout of the Power Clean Clinic:

 Activity  Duration
Intro Lecture  5 minutes
Mobility and Technique Practice 45 minutes 
Live Demonstration  15 minutes
Power Clean Practice 45 minutes
Q & A  10 minutes
Total Time  120 minutes


Scheduling and Pricing

This clinic is offered at the Kanama HP facility, or a mobile clinic at the training facility of the booking Team. Scheduling is flexible and can be booked on a weekday morning or weekend. The required notice is 2 weeks to schedule a Power Clean Clinic.

Athletes   Price at Kanama HP Price Mobile Clinic 
Less than 8 $80/person $100/person
8-16 $60/person $80/person

*Minimum 5 Athletes are required to book a Clinic*




6. Sweat, Stretch, Strength - Small Group Training for Women

Welcome to the newest zero commitment class being offered by Coach Rich Davidson at KHP!

This Women's Group exercise class uses the fundamental elements of total body exercise to create a program that is brand new, easy to start, challenging, and most of all - fun!

The instructor will be both actively coaching AND participating during the class, to give motivation, demonstration and corrections all at once!

The general structure of the class is as follows:

 Activity  Goal Achieved Duration
Mobility and Body Weight Warm Up  (STRETCH) 15 minutes
Muscular Strength  (STRENGH) 15 minutes
Cardio Endurance (SWEAT) 10 minutes
Cool Down Stretches (Re-balance & Relax) 5 minutes


By taking principles from:

Yoga, Fascial Release Techniques, Weightlifting, and Endurance Training

Coach Rich Davidson has developed a balanced program that takes the best aspects of each, and blends them into a unique fitness experience. The emphasis is on

Safe movement to reduce the risk of injury while exercising - and in day to day life;

Improving heath of joints and improve the health of the lower back, hips, knees, and shoulders; 

Getting leaner while improving whole body strength


Commitment, Pricing, & Discounts:

There is a zero commitment policy, there are no contracts and no requirements for an amount of classes to be purchased at one time.

Purchase for classes can be made online via Credit Card, or at KHP with Debit or Cash. 

 Amount of Classes Total Price Price per Class
Single Class $40 $40
2 Week Package $180 $30
1 Month Package $250 $20.83


Start Date & Times:

The first class will begin February 3rd, 2017. Please visit the "Shop" tab to make your purchase. 

Tuesday 5:15pm - 6:00pm

Friday 5:15pm - 6:00pm

Sunday 10:15am - 11:00am

*Separate scheduling can be made for private groups of 3 or more if at least 2 weeks are booked at one time*